Team History

The Warrior team started back in 2008 as an OJSC Recreation team. After mastering the recreation
league within OJSC they moved up to play in the JUSA Signature league under the Orange Soccer Club
Umbrella. After two years of playing signature the Warriors were champions of their age group and
made the move to Club starting at the Bronze level. The Warriors were Bronze champions after their
second year of playing club. The Warriors elected to jump to Silver Elite when the new league formed
to insure the competition would be sufficient to their talent level. Orange Soccer Club merged with OC
Premier and the Warriors became OC Premier G97 Orange (Warriors). The Warriors were champions of the
Silver Elite South division their first year. Currently the Warriors are playing in the Premier division after a strong campaign in the Gold division in 2012. The team looks forward to what the season has in store. We know the competition will be good so we look forward to the challenge.


Away vs. Carlsbad Elite

Nov. 17, Sunday 8:00 AM start
UCI Field #5
Parking structure


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